A catch 100 years in the making. Experience Wild Alaska Halibut at Seasons 52

Experience Wild Alaska Halibut

The finest Wild Alaska Halibut live in the icy cold waters off Alaska. Exactly where is something only fisherman Sig Mathisen knows.

A family legacy since the early 1900's, Sig and his son – the 3rd and 4th generation of Mathisen fishermen – spend 5 hours getting to this special spot, a stretch of water passed down through the generations. It's here they round up the best halibut on earth, and why we trust the Mathisen's to bring us our Wild Alaska Halibut.

A Glimpse Into The Mathisen Family World

With a season that opens in Mid-March, Sig, his son and their crew will spend 3-4 days on the Marathon each week, sleeping in 4 hour shifts to maximize their catch. From March until season close, this is their livelihood. A livelihood they look forward to passing down for generations to come.

As part of their commitment to preserving the resource, Sig and his family work closely with Icicle Seafoods, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission to continue improving sustainability and to prevent overharvesting.

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The Marathon Photo Gallery

An historical old photo of the Harmony fishing boat

The Mathisen family's first fishing boat, Harmony.

Two crew members on the Marathon fishing boat

Sig Mathisen and his son.

The Marathon fishing boat out in the Alaskan sea

The Marathon at sea.

Alaskan halibut fishing at sunset

Fishing at sunset.

Two halibut fishermen working at night

Night fishing on the Marathon.

The Marathon fishing for Alaskan halibut

The Marathon at sea.

Two fishermen pull in a fresh caught halibut

Marathon fishermen pulling in wild Alaska halibut.

A view of the Alaskan Mountains

Alaska Mountain View.

A view of the Marathon docked in a marina

Icicle Seafoods shore plant.

Side view of The Marathon in the Alaskan waters

The Marathon at sea.