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Seasons 52 : FreshWe believe in offering our guests a broad range of dining experiences that appeal to a variety of taste and dietary preferences, and we welcome the opportunity to work with guests to customize their experience or make substitutions where possible. All items on our menus have been independently tested by accredited laboratories with expertise in nutritional testing. However, due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items and slight variances in ingredients we receive from suppliers, minor variations in nutritional values may occur. The most current nutritional information for our menus is published on our consumer Web site to help guests create a delicious meal that meets their nutritional needs.

Download Nutritional Chart PDF

Ahi Tuna Tartare470213020304911627
Chilled Lobster & Shrimp Spring Roll30081201700409218
Edamame w/o Green Tea18010001331316
Edamame with Green Tea1801009201331316
Grilled Lamb Kefta Skewer410261451380105134
Hummus & Black Sea Salt Lavosh4201502840556617
Oak-Grilled Maine Lobster Tail2501720565031121
Ravioli, Sonoma Goat Cheese42020551150463216
Shrimp, Crab & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms26092251550122132
Tandoori Chicken Skewers34011115810136246
Tuna & Avocado Roll2709201050287318
Artichoke & Goat Cheese3701530840436618
Blackened Steak & Blue Cheese4602170990386328
Chicken Pesto4301955870385226
Lamb Meatball43019651100376226
Roasted Tomato43019401220398322
Rosemary & Parmesan Cheese Crispbread3201320730333216
Asparagus, Bowl110351074018334
Asparagus, Cup10031061015323
Beef Chili, Bowl38094512104071033
Beef Chili, Cup310735970336826
Chicken Tortilla, Bowl23085780293310
Chicken Tortilla, Cup2007567026338
Chocolate & Espresso Martini3001006725002
Chocolate Martini25041226161302
Citrus Apple Martini23000915000
Classic Cosmopolitan230001018000
Hawaiian Pineapple Cosmopolitan290001225000
Mandarin Orange Cosmopolitan290001120000
Organic Sunshine Martini220001324001
Pomegranate Margarita Martini310008423000
Prairie Mule210000231620
Raspberry Sweet Teatini310001327000
Skinny Raspberry Chocolatini1601036161111
Strawberry Kir Royal13000010710
Strawberry-Basil Martini11000110810
Strawberry-Coconut Skinny Martini1600015101020
Superfruit Martini270001191610
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Ginger Agave Soda900095241410
Half & Half Sweet Tea/Lemonade700010201810
Mint Lemonade130000343110
Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade90000242110
Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road240715140312724
Butterscotch Budino3603115060191603
Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Honey2701530220362313
Chocolate Ganache Brownie w/Raspberry3301740140443433
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse2201325150241934
Key Lime Meringue240730115393502
Key Lime Pie2501035110363202
Lemon Curd with Fresh Raspberries190118025211812
Mango Cheesecake3202165240312214
Market Fresh Fruit5000012921
Meyer Lemon Pound Cake2201513055191003
Mocha Macchiato2601655140272023
Old-Fashioned Carrot Cake2801530240352613
Peanut Chocolate Torte3302230170271957
Pecan Pie with Honey Roasted Pecan3702175190312424
Pecan Pie with Vanilla Mousse3201670190292413
Raspberry Chocolate Chip Canoli230103055312517
Red Velvet2201520130211612
Strawberries & Balsamic502.51007511
Toasted Almond Amaretto260188011520614
Lunch Items
All-Natural Turkey Burger470171201720357340
Blackened Market Fish Tacos39018501610246934
Grilled Chicken Caprese Sandwich47021951500365334
Red Mole Braised Steak Tacos4202120173034141029
Rocky Mountain Buffalo Burger46018951390325341
Vegetarian Black Beans & Pepper Tacos3701610202044121517
Poultry & Meat Entrées
All-Natural Grilled Chicken Pasta47011951410426548
Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon460161351410244455
Rack of Lamb460171501350278650
Roasted Herb Lemon Chicken470142301190225464
Turkey Skewer470121001660378455
Wood-Roasted Pork Tenderloin & Portobello4701212013102911459
Seafood Entrées
Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops46011802490465641
Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon47025851100259735
Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout44019110990277640
Market Fish, Branzino470220700236448
Salmon Low Sodium47018111643318945
Salmon, Alaska Wild Copper River47021751260309644
Shrimp Cavatappi Pasta450629517904811649
Children's Items
Children's Buffalo Burger43012859004213744
Children's Chicken Entrée3607115910192450
Children's Flatbread320710790484314
Children's Pasta39090890613313
Children's Turkey Burger4201010511204212642
Entrée Salads
BBQ Chicken Salad4701711014503115747
Kalymnos Greek Salad3102320113017727
Lump Crab Wedge Salad2501111012001910420
Maui Tuna Crunch390163010203523525
Sesame Grilled Salmon Salad470239511202920539
Vegan Tasting, Spring460130132065171423
Vegetarian Tasting, Spring470145140066171424
Small Salads
Crisp Romaine & Kale Caesar Salad30017451020232315
Kalymnos Greek Salad230171588014625
Organic Baby Spinach (with strawberries)280231559016378
Organic Field Greens (with sunflower seeds)17013047011524
Warm Roasted Tomato Caprese440234513403612618
Vegetable Sets
Fuji Apple Slaw2201.50200504142
Grilled Spring Asparagus1509561011456
Iron Skillet of Corn220710510361349
Quinoa & Citrus Salad1802.5045035646
Roasted Idaho Potato Wedges26050131050436
Snow Peas & Shiitake Mushrooms2901804102412811
Tamale Tots2901010820405311

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