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Seasons 52 : Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Seasons 52?
Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated ambiance.

Explain the name
Our menu is inspired by the seasons (“Seasons”) and the fresh appeal of the farmer’s market. Every week of the year (“52”) we strive to feature the freshest ingredients at their peak of ripeness and maximum flavor profile, changing to take advantage of each season’s bounty and continually enticing guests to return and experience what’s new.

Describe the look and feel of the restaurant
Architecture: The Seasons 52 architectural style is clean and contemporary accentuated by the use of autumn ledgestone, earth tone colors, and designer lighting. The interior has a casually sophisticated ambiance, with soft lighting, contemporary art, stone and warm wood accents which present dramatic architectural lines that are also organically-comfortable.

Key Elements: Wood-fire grilling, brick oven cooking, open kitchen, the absence of fryers, circular piano bar with live music, temperature-controlled wine chateau able to hold 2,000 bottles, Chef’s Table and flexible dining spaces for private and semi-private dining. The flatbreads and mini-indulgences bookend the complete dining experience, and they are metaphors for guilt-free enjoyment and healthy indulgence.

What is the Dress Requirement?
While jackets are not required, you will find most of our guests in upscale casual attire.

How did this concept originate? Why is it successful?
Initial market research indicated that food prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients would be especially appealing to adults. Offering expertly prepared, great-tasting menu items and a terrific wine selection in a casually sophisticated adult ambiance has proved especially enticing to a broad base of guests interested in fresher seasonal foods that offer positive lifestyle benefits. At Seasons 52, guests feel both the freedom to indulge and the ability to eat well and feel good about themselves. “The success of Seasons 52 is driven by our passionate belief that eating well is part of living well,” said Brian Foye, president of Seasons 52. “Our guests confirm what our initial research told us: a casually sophisticated restaurant serving great-tasting food at a good value is a winning combination.”

How is Seasons 52 different from other upmarket restaurants?
Seasons 52 has 4 primary categories which, in combination, distinguish this brand from other upmarket restaurants.

1. Seasonally-inspired dining choices expertly designed to excite and surprise the palate
2. An award-winning international wine list featuring diverse wine selections that personalize the dining experience
3. Knowledgeable, approachable service that inspires confidence
4. Casually-sophisticated adult ambiance that feels inviting

Tell Me More about the Mini Indulgences
We’re enormously proud to be the pioneer, originator and founder of the mini indulgence. And we’re flattered that other restaurants are trying to emulate what we have done. The whole concept of the mini indulgence is just that- indulgence in a smaller portion size. Our desserts are designed to feature high-impact flavors and top quality ingredients, such as Belgian Callebaut chocolate. We make the real thing… dessert… in all its decadence, and then we put it into a shot-size glass. So our guests get to have all of the pleasure and none of the guilt- along with the chance to try more than one in a visit!

Can Seasons 52 accommodate private parties?
With private dining rooms and chef’s tables, full service audio-visual amenities and dedicated event planners, Seasons 52 offers the perfect setting for private and semi- private events. Whether you are planning a private or semi-private event, we have the perfect setting for you. For smaller groups, consider our Chef’s Table for an intimate and unique dining experience. For more information on Group and Event Dining, menu options and room layouts, click here.

Is Seasons 52 a chain restaurant?
We consider ourselves to be a “change” restaurant. While chain restaurants tend to minimize fluctuation, our brand is special because we’re all about celebrating change and innovation. Guests will see this concept of change interwoven throughout their experiences with us: changing seasons, changing menus, changing flavor combinations, changing wine vintages and changing perceptions about a dining experience that is completely enjoyable while simultaneously offering positive lifestyle benefits. While chain restaurants tend not to offer local and seasonal products, these are the practices we embrace. Other ways in which we are unique from chain restaurants include: we accept reservations and are not solely focused on walk-up business, we offer flexible and private dining spaces, we are flexible and nimble and can change our menu offerings to offer the highest quality ingredients available… right now.

Do you have a Children’s Menu?
While Seasons 52 does not have a specific Children’s Menu, we do offer child-friendly foods including cheese flatbread, grilled chicken, and market fresh vegetables.

Where can I purchase Seasons 52 Gift Cards?
1. Online: Gift cards can be purchased by clicking here
2. Restaurant Sales: Visit any Seasons 52 restaurant location and our team will be glad to help you with your gift card purchase
3. Telephone Sales: 1-800-367-0799; 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday
4. Corporate Sales: 1-800-642-7336 (gift card purchases of $250 or more) Employment



Employment Opportunities (hourly)
Please contact the restaurant location directly regarding employment opportunities. Any member of the management team will be able to assist you.

Employment Opportunities (management)
Please forward your resume to if interested in management opportunities at Seasons 52.

Employment Verification
Please contact our vendor, The Work Number, at 800.367.2884 or via the website, Our employer code is 11533.

Employee Information
If seeking information pertaining to your employment, please contact the following department:
Benefits: 888.374.3343
Payroll: 407.245.4400
Employee Relations: 800.932.2558


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